Transplant Trachycarpus

Transplant Trachycarpus

Question: Trachycarpus transplant

Hello, I have some palm trees (Trachycarpus) and I would like to remove them to replant them in another garden in Brianza, can someone tell me if and when it is possible to do the planting and transplanting? thanks .. giuseppe

Answer: Trachycarpus transplant

Dear Ferret,

the trachycarpus is a very cultivated palm in Italian gardens, because it is very resistant to cold and frost; these palms are found in gardens all over Europe, they are native to Asia, where they can also live on the highlands of Central Asia. They are therefore robust and vigorous plants, very rustic, and not very delicate. Despite this, they do not like very much that their roots, which are very delicate, are damaged; and above all, if the roots are even accidentally broken or damaged, the plant tends to become an easy prey to very harmful rot. The best time for transplanting is summer, so that the plants are in a period in which they are not developing quickly and quickly; at the same time, if transplanted in June or July (or even August), they have plenty of time to replenish the removed roots before winter arrives. Basically, in this way, before December the plants will have acclimatized to the new location. It is clear that it is advisable to transplant these trees, taking care to uproot as many roots as possible from the ground; generally a circle is drawn around the stem, which has a radius of about 30 cm (clear that if your palms are very small or very large, you can decrease or increase the radius), and work by trying to cut the bread deeply of earth around the stem, so as to avoid touching the earth around the roots. Then the palm is blown out, with most of its roots completely undisturbed, with the earth still covering them tightly around them. At the planting site, prepare a large hole well in advance, on the bottom of which you will add a little sand and universal soil, which will be well worked together with the garden earth, so as to make it porous and friable; Success is assured if in the new planting site the palms will be able to receive direct sun and water in the same way they received them in the original place.

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