Canopies for balconies

Canopies for balconies


Furnishing both the interior and the exterior of the house with the right furnishing accessories is a duty of every person, since the exterior aesthetics is the first thing that is noticed; for this reason it is useful to affix canopies for balconies, which in addition to being very elegant, are also very comfortable and functional, as they shelter from the rain and snow of winter and from the sun during the summer. The canopies for balconies they are able to protect from UV rays, but at the same time allow the passage of light; furthermore, they do not modify the architectural style of the building, but enhance its aesthetic aspect.


There are many models available for balcony canopies, but the most used are canopies and canopies; the first type is expressed in small protruding roofs, which create a shadow effect and at the same time allow the passage of light, but also protect against attacks from the weather. The canopies for balconies canopies have a rounded shape and you can choose the size according to your needs and the size of the building; as for the canopies for awning balconies, they represent a more practical and convenient solution, since they can be closed and opened according to personal needs. The canopies, although not excessively rigid, are able to withstand the weight of the rain and protect from sunlight; the shape of these canopies can be oblique or arched, according to the architectural style of the house and can be rolled up manually or automatically through a remote control. To prevent the canopies from casting too much shade, you can opt for lighter shades that protect from strong sunlight, but allow the passage of light. There are also many materials used for the construction of balcony canopies, such as wood, PVC, aluminum and Plexiglas.


Wood represents an excellent solution for balcony canopies, thanks to its characteristics and advantages; first of all it is a material that lasts over time and is very elegant, in fact it adapts to any type of architectural style, because it is a classic material that never sets. the wood for canopies for balconies is an eco-sustainable material, since it is totally natural and is 100% biodegradable, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be disposed of without causing any damage to the environment. Being very ductile, the wood can be easily decorated with inlays of various kinds; its maintenance must be constant to guarantee the original shine. The wood used for the balcony canopies is solid wood, that is the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees and is, therefore, more resistant and robust, giving the canopies a longer duration over time.


PVC is also widely used to build balcony canopies, thanks to its many advantages; it is a material of recent invention, but of great success within the market of furnishings and doors and windows of all kinds. Despite being a derivative of petroleum, PVC does not pollute, since at the end of its use cycle, it is recycled in all its parts to be used in the construction of new objects; PVC is very resistant, it is hydrophobic, in fact it does not fear attacks from external agents, and shuns humidity. It is very safe because it is fireproof and resists the attacks of any corrosive acid; its maintenance is almost zero, in fact it can also be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. Furthermore, PVC is an insulating material, both thermal and acoustic, and allows you to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.


Aluminum represents a good alternative to previous materials, since thanks to the particular composition of its molecules, it is able to resist well to atmospheric agents, in fact it is immune to rust, which allows it to always have a shiny and flawless appearance. Aluminum balcony canopies are very light and resistant and are mainly used for industrial warehouses and public buildings.


Another material widely used for balcony canopies is Plexiglas, which thanks to its flexibility, can be modeled according to the architectural style of the building and according to personal tastes. Being transparent, it manages to let some light penetrate, but at the same time it is an excellent protection against strong sunlight that could damage the balcony; Plexiglas for balcony canopies is very light and can be found in various colors, to make your home more elegant.

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