Vacuum blower

Vacuum blower

Usefulness of the vacuum blower

Maintaining a perfect lawn requires a few small steps. If there are trees in your green space, for example, the vacuum blower will prove particularly useful in the autumn period, when dry leaves will inevitably fall into your garden. If, on the other hand, you have a dog or a cat with the vacuum function you can quickly collect the excrement. Switching from vacuum to blow mode is simple. Many models have a manual conversion device that will allow you to switch from one function to another in a very short time. Finally, the more complete models include Low and High modes. The first allows you to vacuum the debris while leaving the decorative stones unaltered, the second is instead suitable for heavier jobs.

Vacuum blowers: electric or petrol?

Petrol-powered blowers allow for greater autonomy of movement than electric ones, as they do not require nearby electrical sockets or bulky extensions. Very useful for the maintenance of very large green spaces, however, they offer less power than electric models and are slightly heavier. The electric models allow for a more immediate start and lower noise than petrol ones, in addition to not emitting exhaust gases or particular unpleasant odors. Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, it should be specified that petrol models may require more interventions. Having said all this, the choice of the type of fuel is left to individual needs, specifying however that, if your green space is more than half an acre, the choice for the internal combustion engine is almost obligatory.

Vacuum blowers: which power to choose?

The power of the vacuum blower is indicated in Mph, or miles per hour. In order to obtain maximum performance from your blower aspirator, however, it is necessary to carefully select the CFM in addition to the Mph value. This is the volume of air that can escape from the appliance. It would be perfectly useless to have an object with a high power if the nozzle through which the produced air passes is not large enough, or to have a nozzle of adequate size but insufficient pressure. In both cases the vacuum blower would not be able to perform its duties optimally. Electric vacuum blowers usually offer more power than petrol models. The average power of an aspirator blower is around 2600 Watt, while the air speed is 250 km / h.

Blower vacuum: Price of the electric blower vacuum cleaner

If you intend to buy an electric vacuum blower you can easily compare the prices between different traditional shops and e-commerce. Very often, in fact, the points of sale offer really advantageous offers. The average cost of an electric blower vacuum cleaner, complete with a bag for collecting leaves and debris, is around 40 euros. This model is perfect for medium-sized gardens, while for particularly large areas it is necessary to have a petrol model. In this case, the purchase price is around 120 euros. There are also models on the market that offer higher performance with lower consumption, real jewels of technology, for which you need to spend a little more. To be able to take care of your garden with these latest generation technological gems you need to spend around 300 euros.

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