Snow plow blade

Snow plow blade

Snow plow: different models, different prices

On the market there are various models of snow plow blades with the most different prices. Of course, the characteristics of the tool also vary as the price changes. In particular, what causes the price to vary is the size of the blade. In fact, you can buy a small one, suitable for example to be attached to a quad, starting from about 250 euros, up to over 10,000 euros for large blades. Great deals can be found on the second-hand market. In fact these equipments, if used with due care and with constant maintenance, remain in good condition for many years. Despite this, due to the rapid depreciation, the price of used blades is significantly lower than that of new blades. So there is a chance to make great deals.

Snow plow - Quad mounted snow plow">How to choose the snow plow blade right

When you decide to buy a blade to sweep the snow, it is of fundamental importance to keep in mind two factors: on the one hand the type of work that the tool will be used to carry out, on the other hand the size of the vehicle to which the blade will be attached. Therefore, you will have to carefully evaluate the power of the vehicle you have, in order not to risk choosing a blade that is too heavy and cannot be moved easily. In addition, the power of the vehicle also affects the height of the blade to choose. In fact, the higher it is, the greater the amount of snow that will accumulate on it and that will have to be moved by the locomotive. In addition to this aspect, as mentioned, in choosing the right blade, the function that it will have to perform and the environment in which it will be called to operate, to which it must be proportionate, play a determining role.

A different snow blade for every need

Among the different types of snow plow blades, each of them adapts to a specific need. For example, a small blade, which can be attached to a walking tractor or quad, works perfectly to clear narrow spaces, where the possibility of maneuvering is scarce, while a medium-sized blade, such as those that can be attached to a off-road vehicle or a medium-small tractor, it is useful for cleaning larger courtyards, but always with little room for maneuver. On the other hand, large blades, such as those that can be attached to high-displacement tractors or trucks, are indispensable for obtaining good results in cleaning large streets or squares. An important aspect, to be considered in order to have the maximum yield, is also the attachment of the blade, of which there are various shapes, more or less suitable and compatible with the different means that are used.

The professional use of the snow plow blade

The professional use of snow plow blades deserves a separate discussion. For companies that provide snow clearing services, it is essential to have different types of blades and, consequently, different means to support them. In fact, the needs can be the most varied: from a very large blade to clear the main roads quickly thus allowing, especially in the event of night snow, a prompt recovery of vehicular traffic, up to smaller blades for cleaning of small and winding roads, as mountain ones often are. Furthermore, for those who have made snow clearing their job, in order to minimize the costs deriving from breakages or breakdowns of the vehicles, the role of maintenance, including snow plows, is crucial. It is necessary that they are often cleaned of salt to avoid rusting and that the nerve centers are constantly greased for the operation of the attack.

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