Pigeon breeds: Anversese exhibition traveler

Pigeon breeds: Anversese exhibition traveler


Created in England in the last thirty years of the 19th century as a traveling pigeon for display through crosses between racing pigeons from Antwerp, Barbi, Ties and other breeds.

Overall impression

Colombo in shape.
Robust body with slightly erect bearing and rather low position on the legs, strong head and beak. There are three different types regarding the length of the face: long face, medium face, short face.

Breed coats

White, black, dark stone, red, yellow, brown, blue with black rods, blue without rods, dark stone with rods, dominant red, dominant yellow, silver blue with black rods, brown with rods, red with rods, yellow with rods , hammered blue, hammered dark stone, hammered silver blue, hammered brown, hammered red, hammered yellow, piebald and zarzano in all the aforementioned colors, black brindle, brindle dark stone, brown brindle, blue brindle, red brindle, yellow brindle.

Anversese exhibition traveler (photo www.taubensell.de)

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