Game: Quail - Coturnix coturnix

Game: Quail - Coturnix coturnix


- Class: Birds
- Order: Galliformi
- Family: Phasianides
- Subfamily: Perdicini
- Genus: Coturnix
- Species: coturnix (Linnaeus, 1758)

Distinctive characters

Length 18 cm for a weight of 70/120 g, small round body, extremely short tail, long and pointed wings, brownish plumage; upper parts variously mottled in light and dark; lower parts cream-colored, chest speckled with black only in the female, dark flame with light central band. Gola in M. nera, in F. yellowish.
Behavior: very elusive and mimetic, it almost always runs away. It is a migratory species, the only migratory galliforme, it returns from the African wintering areas in May, it lives in areas cultivated with cereals and legumes both in the plains and in the hills.
It feeds on cereals - wheat / oats - herb seeds, small spiders, insects, earthworms and snails.
Reproduction - May / July
Hatching - 18/19 days
Number of eggs - 7/14
Able to fly - 18 days
Distribution - Europe, Asia, Africa.

NOTE: quail commonly bred for food belongs to the species Coturnix japonica. To distinguish C. japonica from C. coturnix, remember that in addition to the larger dimensions of C. japonica, the latter has a red-brown male chinstrap instead of black.
The throwing quail commonly used for hunting purposes results from the crossing and subsequent mingling between C. japonica and C. coturnix.

European male quail - Coturnix coturnix


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